We manufacture piling rigs on any customers’ requirements unless these contravene the physical laws

Kopernik Piling Equipment Plant is part of the Kopernik Group of Companies and specializes in manufacturing equipment for foundation engineering.
Its key area of activity involves manufacturing of leader masts for pile-driving, drilling and multifunctional purposes (combining pile-driving and drilling functions) that can be applied to both cranes and excavators.
During its operations Kopernik Piling Equipment Plant uses materials and components produced by world-renowned manufacturers.

Highly-qualified and experienced specialists ensure proper production processes and guarantee high quality of the end product.

Kopernik Piling Equipment Plant cooperation with technical specialists allows implementing technical solutions based on specific customer requirements in the shortest time possible.  
High qualification, expertise and experience of our staff are more than sufficient to deal with any challenging job.
We are constantly working on improving the production process relying on international practices.

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