NISSHA pile driving rig

NISSHA DH series pile driving rigs (Phoenix model) has been on the market for 2 decades. The rig has gained in popularity far beyond Japan and reached international markets.

Implementation example
NISSHA pile driving rig пример внедрения

The rig using D-62 diesel tubular hammer (SEMW) at the project to construct warehouses for bulk cargos. Pile type: 600x600 mm concrete pile.

The equipment is known for its reliability and user friendliness. There are two guides at the leader mast that enable simultaneous installation of hydraulic rotary head with auger and pile hammer allowing to switch between the modes.

DH558/658 pile driving rig with three bearings is mainly designed to install various types of piles (including concrete, steel and sheet piles, etc.) with hydraulic and diesel pile hammers. In addition, when the base machine is equipped with augers or Kelly bars it also enables driving different auger piles through all kinds of soils.

High productivity when using hydraulic pile hammers

Pile driving reliability and stability

The rig has a low-level center of balance, reliable design and high cylinder lifting capacity as well as telescopic outriggers.

Perfect mobility

A powerful engine and hydraulic pumps ensure smooth running of continuous tracks and upper carriage given the maximum operating weight up to 136,000 kg.

 Smooth rotation

The swing mechanism with original NIPPON SHARYO reducer enables an operator to easily control the swing motion and position the upper carriage with great precision.

Comfortable workstation and low noise levels

The operator’s workstation has a good noise insulation and five (5) windscreen and ensure good visibility and quiet work and minimizes fatiguability.

Convenience of using a winch

The rig has easy-to-use controllers with hydraulic drives, is able to switch between higher and lower winch speed modes as well as to control winding-up and automatic stopping processes and reverse motion with a single handlebar with mode indicator lights.

Winch speed control (optional)

The rope linear speed can be set at the rate of 1/13-1/1 of par. Each speed rate can be kept constant with constant speed controller available as an option.

Ease of maintenance


Low fuel consumption

The rig is equipped with a diesel engine with direct fuel injection and common-rail injection system with two effective variable displacement piston pipes that ensure economic efficiency.

Telescopic main frame

Telescopic main frame helps minimize main frame slackness and reduce anchor wires and guides swinging, as well as decrease the time of machine reassembly at the construction site.

Reliable guides

Maximum traction load at 800 mm from the center of the guide pipe with forward jacks is 539 kN (55 tonnes).

Robust base machine design

The rig can be equipped with power unit or hydraulic station mounting panel.


    DH558-110M-5 DH658-135M-5
Technical Specifications      
Guide syst​em   M85D Type M95D-2 Type
Leader Height* mm 33 000 36 000
Max. Pile Length mm 26  000* 29  000*
Max. Pile Weight kg 10 000 10 000
Pile Section mm 300-400 300-400

Hydraulic System
Main pump

                   2 variable displacement pumps
Oil flow lpm 2 х 225 2 х 225
Additional pump (optional) lpm 1 х 135 1 х 136
Max. Pressure bar 275 275
Hydraulic oil tank capacity l 390 390


Hino Motors, Ltd.
Model   J08E-TM diesel engine

Water cooled, 4-cycle, Overhead valve, in-line 6-cylinder,
direct fuel injection, turbo-charged
Rated Output kW (rpm) 159 (2000) 159 (2000)
Max. Torque N/m2 (rpm) 797 (1600) 797 (1600)
Fuel Consumption Rate g/kW・hr (g/PS・hr) 208 (158) 208 (158)
Fuel Tank Capacity l 250 250

Undercarriage (extension-type)
Crawler shoe width



Crawler overall length mm 5 520 5 760
Overall width in transportation mm 3 300 3 300
Crawler overall width in working mm 4 400 4 400

Maximum allowable operating weight


114 000

136 000
Suitable hammers (ram mass) ton 5-10 5-10
* design changes are possible       
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