Could you please inform me what hammers are applied to SD-series pile driving rigs?
Could you please recommend a pile driving rig suitable for installing a S160.40 pile with an HD-35 hammer? Does the HD-35 need additional air supply? Because as far as I know the SP-7 hammer doesn’t start when working on soft soils and we have to try every trick on the book to operate it.
Hello! I found the information about excavator type masts on your website. I would like to know if there is an opportunity to use the mast with the Hyundai R330LC excavator. Could you please also recommend suitable pile hammers? What are the possible pile dimensions? Please inform me about the price for it and provide me with the customers’ reviews if any. Best regards, Viktor.
Hi! Could you please inform me if it is possible to use the D25 hammer with the SP49D? Does it fit the SP49D in terms of weight and length? Can you please also tell me if it is possible to install 12-meter piles with the hammer?
Hello! Can you please explain why your hydraulic rotary heads weigh so much? An SGA power pack and a reducing gear weight is relatively small, and the rest is just metal. As a rule, similar rotary heads are much lighter. Thank you.
Could you please specify if you provide after-sales service for KOPERNIK pile driving rigs?
Can you please tell me what factors you take into account when choosing vibratory hammers for specific projects?
If I have understood correctly, the base machine for your KOPERNIK pile driving rig is manufactured in China. Is that right?
Could you please tell me what companies are already using KOPERNIK SD-15 pile driver?

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