Reverse Circulation Drilling (RCD)

Implementation example
Reverse Circulation Drilling (RCD) пример внедрения

RCD R1820 rig. Project: Bandra-Worli Sea Link construction (Mumbai, India). Drilling diameter: 1,500 mm. Drilling depth: 50 meters. Soil type: basaltic soil, compression strength 200 MPa.

RCD rigs are applied to drilling large diameter holes (1,000-4,000 mm). The equipment is used for foundation works at soft and strong soils.

A drill rod consists of drill pipes and stabilizers with special drill bit and works with air feed.

Power swivel:

High torque transmitted from planetary reducer combiner with high-quality engine proves that RCD rigs are the best equipment for rocky soils.
A boom-type crane with a lifting capacity of 1 tonne that is located at the drilling platform carries over drill pipes and is able to perform other minor works.

BUMA drilling bit:

Auger teeth can be used at different soils (earth, rock, basalt, underwater soils). Auger teeth are very strong and made of high-quality tungsten-carbide alloy which allows working in medium and heavy soil.
The auger teeth positioning at the lower plate allows removing cuttings easily. Each cutter is equipped with three rollers able to withstand high radial load while two thrust roller bearings carry trust load.


    BM-R1815 BM-R1820 BM-R3025 BM-R3030 BM-R3833
Max. Pile Diameter mm 1 500 2 000 2 500 3 000 3 300
Max. Drilling Torque kN/m 179 179 300 300 372
Rotation Speed rpm 8,2 8,2 7,6 7,6 9
Pull Down Force Max Thrust  t 88 88 122 122 122
Pull Down Force Max Pull Up t 129 129 201 201 201
Mast Tilting 22 26 30 32 35
Platform Tilting 16 20 16 12,5 13,6









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